It all happened with a little white duck!

Hi, my name is Nicolette and I live on the south coast of Dorset with my husband and our German Pointer 'Ralph'.

Wire sculpting is a very recent venture and something that happened quite by accident. We had some old chicken wire in the garden and I decided I could turn it into a little Indian Runner Duck. It turned out so well, I was inspired to continue. From this initial duck sculpture my style hasn't really changed but I've become more proficient and have tackled both larger and more detailed pieces. I usually work to achieve a life size sculpture and also like to paint the finished sculptures as I think that provides an element of realism to them.

I love that something so rigid and utilitarian as a roll of chicken wire can be transformed into a beautiful life-like form with character and movement. I guess having a 'vision' of the finished sculpture is half the battle. Each piece takes a good many hours to complete which can be very frustrating, especially when I'm full of ideas for the next one.

It's very hard on the hands and thick leather gloves are a necessity, however for smaller sculptures and intricate details they just get in the way. As a result, I often look like I've been fighting with a cat!

There's nothing better than receiving a positive reaction to one of my sculptures and it's very rewarding when someone wants to own a piece I've created and place it in their home or garden.

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  1. Have just been in the visitor centre and spoken to Nicolette about her work....the various animals she has made are fantastic.....well worth anyones time to pop upstairs for a look.